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Mikrotik Basebox 2 Maximize

Mikrotik Basebox2

The BaseBox2 is an outdoor 2.4Ghz WiFi Access Point with two antennas.

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4 815 ฿

The unit has two SMA connectors for antennas, for which we ship two dipole antennas that can be directly attached on top of the box.

If you want to use external antennas instead, the unit has a cable hood for protection against moisture. Also available are three additional places for antenna connectors, in case you wish to use the BaseBox miniPCIe slot for one more wireless interface to make a dual band device, or a 3G/4G modem. In can be installed standalone, or configured and managed as part of a larger network from a central CAPsMAN router. 

The case can be opened with one hand, and is protected against the elements. USB, Ethernet and a Grounding wire exits are provided on the bottom, behind a protective door.
The devidce comes with a mounting loop for tower/pole mounting, and a separate DIN rail mount is also provided. Package also includes a PoE injector and power supply unit.

If you need a similar device for 5GHz, see the OmniTik 5 ac.