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Broadband telephone

Telephone for your broadband connection.

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8 000 ฿

A fixed phone for your home. Uses Sanuk System's own telephone network for phonecalls between your home in Thailand and ordinary telephones all over the world to very low fees.

Anyone calling you from Sweden, Norway or Finland can dial a local number to reach an automatic exchange, where they will press your extension number to connect the call to your home in Thailand. The caller pays only for the call to the exchange, and you pay nothing to receive the call.

To call your extension in Thailand, the caller can choose from one of the following numbers:

In Thailand: 033-010806
From Sweden: 08 - 5511 8770
From Norway: 21 62 89 65
From Finland: (09) 231 13540
From any other country: +6633010806

Access numbers from additional countries may be available on request, or if you would prefer to have your own direct dial number in your home country connected to your home in Thailand, you can order a number from Sanuk Systems for just from 3600 baht per year

When you make calls from Thailand using your broadband phone, the charge is 2 baht/minute to landlines and 10 baht/minute to mobile phones in many countries. Calls to other Sanuk subscribers in Thailand are free.

PDF: Download pricelist for calls to other countries.